the when of acupuncture

the when of acupuncture


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What is chronopuncture? 

Chronopuncture or Chrono Acupuncture is the study of the bodies natural rhythms and the individuals connection with the environment using acupuncture to support these cycles or restore any imbalance that may be present. This knowledge has been passed down for thousands of years and is still available today in the ancient Chinese Classics. There are many different forms of chronopuncture that work with different cycles, periods of time, and varying energies. 

What do I need to know to be able to use chrono acupuncture in my practice? 

The most important thing that you must know is your patient. It is necessary to have a clear strategy for how to support them in restoring health. Then it is essential that you know which energies you wish to work with and at what level you want to work with them. 

 wei qi - defensive qi  Capillary channels
 ying qi - acquired qi  tendino-muscular channels
 organic fluids  longitudinal lous
 blood   divergent lous
 jing - essence  curious vessels
 tong qi - cyclic qi  principal channels
 yuan qi - ancestral qi    internal channels

Do I need to be an acupuncturist to benefit from this knowledge? 

Absolutely not chrono-acupuncture is based on energetic theories that have a much wider application. Eugenics or hygienic living in accordance with the seasons is a major topic throughout the Chinese classics. Much of this information has applications for different healing modalities including but not limited to tuina, massage, qi gong, acupressure, dietetics as well as life style choices.

Where do I go from here? 

There are many places to start you can read some of the theory presented on this site. You can reference the booklist for recommended reading. You can figure out your longitude to work with our custom qi calculator that is adjusted for your exact location. You can take a look at the whole year and the system of "five movements - six energies" which has been central in the understanding of peoples relation to the world around them occupying a full third of the text of the HuangDi NeiJing SuWen.

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