the when of acupuncture

the when of acupuncture


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Classical Sources

  • These pages link the excellent character genealogy and lookup service with several of the classics. In order to use just click on any Chinese Character and it will show up in the right window. Some characters zhongwen doesn't have, in which case you'll see the character instead which can then be pasted into another online dictionary.  Note sometimes zhongwen's server is really slow to respond, in which case you may want to try at another time. In order for this service to work you will need to have a traditional GB5 Chinese font installed on your system and chosen for the encoding method in your browser.
    • The SuWen table of contents in Chinese with Links to 10 chapter sections.
    • The LingShu table of contents in English with Links to the individual books.
    • The Nanjing, classic of difficulties, here is presented as one file.
    • The ShangHanLun, classic of cold injuries, here is presented as one large file (1.4mb).
    • The DaoDeJing or Tao Te Ching
    • The Yi Jing or I Ching, book of changes.
    • Shui Gua is one of the ten wings of the Yi Jing that comments on the bagua. In it are contained much of the information we see associated with the 8 trigrams including season, color, direction, animal etc.
    • The Zhou Yi Can Tong Qi book of internal alchemy.
  • Two short classics the Shui Gua (82k) and the Zhou Yi Can Tong Qi (547k) these parallel transcriptions use a compilation of various online dictionaries.  

6 divisions of yin and yang

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